Clypags, Silver Nipple shields

Clypags are small silver cups that protect the nipples during the months of breast feeding. It is a natural remedy known for centuries. They are used, for example, for the prevention and treatment of sore nipples.
The word Clypags is a combination fo the latin words clypeus (shield) and pag (nipple).project by G10design

Silver has an antibacterial function, especially against gram bacteria: main cause of mammary infections.
Silver cups remedial action works thanks of the humid and aseptic environment generated inside the silver shield.
The silver nipples shield can provide relief already within 48 hours.

User guide

Apply the nipple shield between the nipple and the bra.
The cups should be washed with hot water to remove any residual milk. Do not wash the cups with disinfectants.
After each use, rinse thoroughly. After breastfeed you can place again the silver shields . If they don’t fit well, you can leave a drop of milk to help the suction effect.

Contraindications: allergy to silver.clypags01

¬†When you stop breastfeeding and you don’t need them any more, prepare a cream with bicarbonate and water and pass it over the silver surface. Rinse thoroughly, dry and store in a dry place.



Breastfeeding is the best way to feed and care for your child during the initial period of life.
The most delicate area during lactation are the nipples.
Breastfeeding-iconFor several reasons, complications may arise. For examples fissures, small cuts on nipples that can be painful.
Here some basic suggestion to prevent and treat cracks in the nipples:
icon-check Pay attention to place properly your child (paste the entire areola and not just the nipple, eventually opening his mouth with your finger)
icon-check Rotate either chest and not let the child gets stuck if not sucking.
icon-check The bra should be made of breathable cotton.
icon-checkKeep nipples dry and clean.

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